Our services.

Painter and decorator

Top quality interior decorating

Your interior can be transformed with good painting and decorating. Done well, it should last for years. We provide:

  • Detailed breakdown and specification, with precise estimate
  • Minor building and carpentry works included
  • Qualified tradesmen do the job to high standards with the minimum of fuss and disruption

With good quality materials you can expect your interiors to continue looking good for at least five years and often much longer. We believe in thorough preparation as that it what makes the difference between average and proper, high-quality work.


The part that pleases us most about doing our job is seeing a satisfied customer. Nothing satisfies a customer more than when they pay for their new wallpaper hung or if they pay for a decorator to paint a room in the house, the job completed to perfection.

I start and finish all my decorating work from the smallest detail the last at the highest and most professional of standards I can.

Sounds silly to get upset with me for a smudge right? Wrong! It’s my profession, and I love what I do so I take it very seriously. Work is not just a job to me, It’s my life, and it pays my bills, yes but I also have a reputation to keep, and I take that status with me every day to each and every job, so I have to keep the standards high.